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SEA SMRC and Sea Europe Joint Workshop On Biocidal Products: Another Environmental Challenge For The European Industry?

On 23 September, SEA SMRC and SEA Europe organised a joint workshop with representatives from the European Commission, European ship owners (ECSA), European ship repair yards and European paint manufacturers on the likely consequences...

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European Shipyards and Maritime Equipment Industry Need To Cooperate Closely With EU Decision-Makers on Trade Policy

On 20 September 2016, SEA Europe hosted a highly - attended informal trade meeting with the European Commission and 19 Member States to discuss trade obstacles and competitive distortions for the European shipbuilding and maritime equipment...

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SEA Europe Participates To Clia’s Workshop On Air Emissions

From 13 till 14 September 2016, CLIA – the Cruise Lines International Association – organised a high-level workshop on air emissions at the headquarter of the International Maritime Organisation in London. The well-attended meet...

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State aid: Commission refers Greece to Court for failure to recover incompatible state aid from Hellenic Shipyards

The Commission has decided to refer Greece to the European Court of Justice because it failed to comply with a 2008 Commission decision ordering the recovery of unlawful aid to Hellenic Shipyards. This follows a 2012 ruling by the Court condemni...

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Main Themes For European Shipping Week 2017 Announced With European Shipping’s Competitiveness at the Heart of the Week’s Debate

The themes for European Shipping Week 2017 have been formally announced with the competitiveness of European shipping globally and the strategies being developed by the European Union and its respective bodies to foster that competitiveness sitt...

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