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HENSOLDT UK (trading name of Kelvin Hughes Limited)


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Navigation Radar and Equipment; Situational Awareness Radar; Radar Radomes; Radar Maintenance and Repair; Electronic Charts Systems; Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Radar; Coastal Surveillance/offshore/port security Radar

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A world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation, surveillance and security radar systems. The company sets the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with SharpEye™


Design and supply of navigation and surveillance radar systems for naval ships, submarines, coastguard vessels, port Vessel Traffic Service VTS, coastal surveillance, special forces, offshore infrastructure and merchant ships.

SharpEye™ solid state Doppler radar provides maritime situational awareness through advanced target detection capability.

SharpEye™ will detect the smallest of targets in severe weather, earlier, and at longer ranges than conventional magnetron based radar.

The I-Band (X-Band) and E/F-band (S-band) variants of SharpEye™ are an advanced pulse compressed Doppler navigation and situational awareness radar sensor providing surface search and surveillance capabilities aimed at the detection of low Radar Cross Section (RCS). The inherent target detection capabilities offered by SharpEye™ also make it an ideal sensor for naval and offshore platform helicopter control applications.

With a dedicated product line focusing on navigation radar solutions for both commercial ships and also workboats, Kelvin Hughes is at the forefront of IMO type approved navigation radar display and radar sensor technology. Core technologies include S-Band SharpEye™ solid state radar transceivers, X-Band IMO type approved 12kW radar for commercial ships and workboats and IMO type approved integrated widescreen dual Plan Position Indicator (PPI) radar displays.

Kelvin Hughes provides a comprehensive range of radar systems suitable for applications ranging from shipborne navigation, situational awareness and helicopter control to port VTS, coastal surveillance and offshore infrastructure security.


Navigation Radar

SharpEye™ solid state radar and navigation radar displays for commercial and naval ships

Situational Awareness Radar

SharpEye™ solid state radar and tactical navigation radar displays for commercial and naval ships

Radar Radomes

SharpEye™ solid state situational awareness radar radomes for small water craft and RHIBs

Electronic Charts Systems

Radar displays with Electronic Chart System (ECS) options

Radar Maintenance and Repair

Radar and bridge system equipment maintenance and repair services provided through a global network

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Radar

The SBS radar sensor range is designed to meet the requirements of a coastal surveillance system or a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system as defined in IALA recommendation V-128

Coastal Surveillance Radar

The SBS SharpEye™ radar sensor range is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a coastal surveillance system

Port and Maritime Security Radar

The SharpEye™ SxV radar and mast mounted electro-optic solutions provide a security capability that extends to the detection of very small targets busy port and harbour environments

Offshore Security Radar

The SharpEye™ radar sensor provides a security capability that extends to the detection of very small targets in clutter in offshore environments

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