Society of Maritime Industries


Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) members build, refit and modernise commercial and naval vessels, supply equipment and services for all types of ships, submarines and underwater vehicles, ports and terminals infrastructure, offshore oil & gas installations, maritime security and safety systems, and are involved in maritime autonomous systems, digital technology, marine science and technology and offshore renewable energy.

We are inclusive of the whole supply chain from shipyards and major system providers to the manufacturers of instrumentation and a wide range of marine equipment and components together with companies involved in design and in service support.

Bringing together such a broad range of businesses working in the maritime industry is SMI's underlying strength, demonstrating the many cross-cutting synergies which exist across all the markets which our members serve.

Advantages secured through membership include marketing opportunities, provision of market information, access to advice and assistance, representation on industry-wide issues and opportunities to make contact with others in the industry.

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Member Highlight

Coltraco Ultrasonics

British Ultrasonic Technology manufacturer operates in 109 countries, offering IMO SOLAS FSS Code compliant and ABS Type Approved inspection tools and constant monitoring solutions, to counter the 2 main causes of vessel loss: (1) sinking – testing watertight integrity of hatch-covers, doors and MCTs etc and (2) fire – testing gaseous fire extinguishing system agent contents, associated pipework and room integrity.

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