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Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

We recognise the value of providing the right environment to learn about new business opportunities or contacts. Our conferences and seminars are the ideal events to expand one’s knowledge and meet new contacts in the industry and within SMI's membership.  Some of these activities are highly focused on current affairs relating to our market sectors and in some cases these seminars are held for members only. 

Each year we hold our Annual Dinner, usually at the House of Commons. This particular event is open to all members of SMI and VIP's as well as a highly recognised guest speaker to provide the opening speech. This offers our members the opportunity to engage with fellow members and esteemed colleagues from the Maritime sector on a more relaxed level. 

Furthermore we pride ourselves in delivering a highly popular Annual Conference. The theme is varied, depending on what the present issues facing the maritime sector are. It is always in high demand and tickets sell out very quickly. Tickets are not restrictive and we welcome all.

Our AGM luncheon is held in the heart of the City of London in October after SMI's AGM Meeting. This entails a guest speaker from the industry and again gives members a chance to network with one another and make the most from their membership.

Additionally, we hold an annual reception and buffet luncheon for foreign defence and naval attachés and advisers in post in London, which opens another avenue of contacts for potential naval defence and maritime security exports. 

Our team of experts are also a valuable source of information for companies wishing to explore new markets or find their way through the labyrinthine procurement process of selling into UK government.  

Members are encouraged to contact our Council Directors for information on those activities which will meet their specific business requirements.





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